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Photo listing: dutch-style cycleways (problem)

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Abolish the horrible Gyratory north of St. Pauls. Or at least install a contraflow cycle lane for eastbound cyclists. The turning movements required at present are dangerous as they put cyclists in conflict with motorists.

Northbound cycle only signal phase from Queen Street plaza crossing Queen Victoria Street. The signal only operates if button is pushed. If the plaza has a lot of pedestrian traffic it is nearly impossible to get to the intersection and … [more]

Three motor vehicle lanes at this intersection leaving little to no room to pass cars stopped at the light in order to get to the advance stop line. Continue the protected cycle lane from Southwark Bridge to the intersection with Upper … [more]

Ban left turns from King William Street (London Bridge Approach) onto Monument Street. Dangerous left hook turn conflict with cyclists and huge conflict with large pedestrian flow.

Three motor vehicle lanes in each direction on London Bridge, despite one lane (each way) streets at either end. Remove a lane in each direction for a protected cycle track and widened footpath (they are like sardines in the morning on the … [more]

Not a cycling issue, but there is no pedestrian signal to cross King William Street. And thus no warning for when traffic is about to start moving. Very dangerous situation, as there is loads of pedestrian traffic at this intersection.

Ban left turns from King William Street to Lombard Street. Foot traffic here is huge in the morning, and turn conflicts are ripe! Plus, backed up turning vehicles block free flow of southbound cyclists and cause left hook turn conflicts.

There is no legal northbound route from Coleman St. to Fore Street. Space for a route exists in the center median of London Wall. All that would need to be installed is a curb cut off the centre median at Fore Street Avenue. Also, making … [more]

Vehicles going left onto Victoria Embankment cut up cyclists going straight ahead (East towards the underpass). Very fast and dangerous junction.

There's a bike lane and advanced stop box for bikes turning right from Farringdon Road onto the Embankment. That's where the bike provision stops. The on-ramp starts off wide enough for a bike and a car/coach/HGV to pass side by side, and … [more]

Southwark Bridge is on a cycle superhighway, which is also shared with tipper trucks. Although there are dedicated cycle lights, they go green at the same time as the main lights going north. At least please use the exisitng lights to … [more]

If you want to turn right into the shared pedestrian/cycle area to get down to Southwark bridge you're stuck between streams of traffic. Maybe a dedicated cycle lane running right down from Cheapside would work. And sort out the fact that … [more]

London Bridge in both directions is difficult. The bus lane going north means you have to pull out into the traffic while going uphill. At the north end crossing to the right lane to turn right can be dangerous as motorised trafic … [more]

There's a segregated cycle lane along the north side of Goodman's Yard. I've never been able to work out what it's for as it doesn't seem to go anywhere. Never seen anyone in it. This whole double gyratory is a mess. Sort it out!

Going west at this junction is bad with traffic cutting across into New Fetter Lane. Poor lane markings make this confusing for all and makes problem worse.

A crazy junction, poor lane markings where cyclists have to navigate through traffic that just 'goes for it'.

A really really bad junction - going north or south, and no clear viable alternatives if using the bridge.

Bus stop means bus lane is often blocked by waiting buses, so cyclists have to pull out into middle lane. A separate cycle lane along pavement is needed.

The bridge has no dedicated cycle route despite lots of room in pavement. Cycle routes north and south of river are separated, so makes commuting less attractive for less confident cyclists.

"WTF!!!!" I often hear myself quietly murmur at this spot. I lost count how many white van drivers and taxis narrowly missed me when they impatiently overtake me, or drive too close when Farringdon Street opens up to 3 lanes and I, counting … [more]

A bike contraflow from Little Britain down to St Pauls would allow many cyclists to avoid the dreaded London Wall roundabout.

A bike contraflow from Little Britain down to St Pauls would allow many cyclists to avoid the dreaded London Wall roundabout.

This one way/ gyratory is an incredibly fast, incredibly complicated system which for example requires you to cross 3 or more lanes of traffic too turn right from aldgate high st to Duke's place. Although i now have the confidence and … [more]

Bank Junction is an absolute nightmare. It is the main reason that I limit my cycling activities to East London around where I live. The prospect of having to negotiate this cauldron of buses and taxis makes me decide to take the tube every … [more]

Bank Junction is an absolute nightmare. It is the main reason that I limit my cycling activities to East London around where I live. The prospect of having to negotiate this cauldron of buses and taxis makes me decide to take the tube every … [more]

Cycling along the embankment from west to east, you can no longer go straight on and then take the lane on the left - nice quiet lane for cycling - up to St Pauls. The junction is terrifying with traffic sweeping round to the left up New … [more]

The number of potholes down Bishopsgate at the moment is just unbelieveable - it's like a road from the old Third World. Combined with large numbers of busses, taxis and hurrying pedestrians this area is extremely hazardous, especially at … [more]

Cycling up the hill on Byward Street is the scariest place I've cycled in London. Huge construction lorries put their foot down to get up the hill and despite the cycle lane there's not much room for error. Then to everyone's surprise, on … [more]

I find the easiest way to turn right into Ludgate Hill from New Bridge Street (i.e Blackfriars) is to loop left and join the front of the Fleet Street traffic going east towards Ludgate Hill. This looping is common practice in Holland and … [more]

Bank junction is an utter nightmare. And the only way to survive on a bike is to ensure you are very quick away from the lights.

Upper & Lower Thames Street. Because if the one way system between tower hill & the city & due to cycling not being permitted along the thames path, this forces cyclists along the upper & lower Thames streets to get to embankment. The … [more]

The new trend of placing raised kerbs in the cente of the roads is totally baffling, in that once traffic is stopped at the lights - in this case heading towards St Pauls from Fleet St, or indeed coming in the other direction on this road- … [more]

I'm currently nursing serious injuries after being struck on the Royal Mint/Mansell Street cycle route. Lack of signs or lights warning cars of presence of cyclists, lack of lights to allow safe cycle rejoining of traffic routes, piecemeal … [more]

I'm nursing serious injuries from an accident at this hugely negligently-designed intersection. At the very least, signs warning drivers to take care, a ban on traffic entering Royal Mint Street against the cycle flow and some light … [more]

Turning right from Blackfriars Bridge into Queen Victoria Street always nightmare! Separate bicycle traffic lights from motor vehicle lights?

Making a right turn is horrible - It would be a great place to cross New Bridge Street, but if the traffic is heavy, it can be very dangerous.

Making a right turn from the north is sketchy at times, there is not a lot of room to sit comfortably in the middle of the road whilst waiting to turn. There's no advance box either, yet it leads to a great cycle route down Long Lane/Cloth … [more]

Cannon St is one of the worst spots for pedestrians walking out into the road. I have to ring my bell constantly to ward away overconfident/gormless businesspeople. It's not entirely their fault: first I suggest more and better pedestrian … [more]

There's an advanced stop box at the end of this road, but no cycle lane going down Farringdon Road leading up to it. There used to be a cycle lane here. Because the traffic leading up to the bridge is almost always solid in rush hour, … [more]

Bishopsgate is a nightmare for me and my son using a bike with a tag-along. There is simply so little space on the road and loads of buses and lorries jostling for position. I have to use this road, and the junction with Shoreditch high … [more]

Newgate Street / Holborn viaduct. Unhelpful road narrowing creates cycling hazard

Bank junction, particularly heading west from Cornhill or Threadneedle Street across to Poultry which requires a cyclist to compete with cars/vans/lorries/buses trying to get to Queen Victoria Street.

Good wide cycle lane is at risk from left-hook by cars turning from Blackfriars Bridge northbound onto Victoria Embankment westbound. Needs cycle lane with lights? Or at very least, dashed cycle lane across junction.

Blackfriars Bridge - difficult to turn right going north onto Queen Victoria Street, designed around fast moving traffic with additional lanes, dangerous and difficult for cyclists (and pedestrians)

Bishopsgate - very dangerous for cyclists. Buses and taxis don't look and pull out/overtake despite there being a traffic jam or red traffic light just ahead.

Bank. A mess of a junction. Buses always seem to jump the lights to go across at break-neck speeds. Very dangerous for cyclists.

Ludgate Ciurcus. It is very dangerous for cyclists to turn right from Blackfriars (going north) on to Ludgate hill.

There is officially a cycle path from Carter Lane across Carter Lane Gardens (!) to Cannon Street about here. The only official indication is a wooden post on the kerbside of Cannon Street about 5m west of the bus stop. It has a blue … [more]

Approaching Blackfriars Bridge from the north - the traffic is approaching all the way down Farringdon Rd way too fast. There should be separate cycle lanes and priority for cyclist entering the bridge.

Southwark Bridge Road going northwards across Upper Thames Street - trying to find a safe position of entry into the ASL so you can go straight ahead is almost impossible. Buses, lorries, cabs, cars, coaches cut across you from left or … [more]

Bank is one of the worst places in the city for collisions between cyclists and other road users. It doesn't work well for anyone, not drivers nor cyclists nor pedestrians. Cut off motor vehicle access to all but buses from two of the … [more]

No pedestrian crossing and no safe way of turning right on a bicycle. Utterly terrifying if you're on foot or on a bike.

Southwark Bridge Road and Upper Thames street junction. At rush hour going Southbound there are always coaches and lorries stretched across the cycle crossing making it impossible to cross. It is a horrible junction Peckham cycle path from … [more]

Bishopsgate - possibly the worst road surface in London, tonnes of pedestrians, tonnes of busses, tonnes of bikes, tonnes of street level activity. Prime candidate for a better road lay out, slower road speeds and some go-dutch? Maybe it … [more]

The whole of Bishopsgate from Liverpool Station to London Bridge is a battle every day. There are more dangerous junctions, but this area is such a busy route for bikes, buses and vehicles that some improved road management is long overdue. … [more]

I work on Broken Wharf, in an area full of multi-storey offices i.e. full of commuters. Cycling in to work is OK. When it comes to cycling home though it's actually impossible to use my bike for the first part of the journey. If travelling … [more]

Go Dutch on Cheapside please

Holborn Circus: very hard to get across Westward from the Viaduct without getting cut up by traffic turning into Fetter Lane.

Really dangerous gyratory system filtering into bus stops and a pedestrian crossing, leaving cyclists horribly vulnerable and exposed.

Bishopsgate is terrible, traffic ignores bike zones and pedestrians are constantly stepping out without looking.

From dalston kingsland down to monument, an alternative quite route or segregated cycle lane is definitely needed.

Bank - a complete mess of a junction!

Bishopsgate Rd has been the bane of my cycling life for the past 17 years. Not one week goes by without trouble. If its not the constant road works (which never seem to fix the pot holes) or the pedestrians racing between buses, taxis and … [more]

The bridalway between west smithfield and little britain is tiny and very congested with both cyclists and pedestrians. Needs widening and clear designation of pedestrian lane and cycle lane.

Borough Market streets are a nightmare as traffic pushes in between hoards of pedestrians and there is nowhere to park

The juncture drops cyclists in with the traffic when coming out from under the Barbican. It is dangerous from all directions for cyclists and unpleasant also for pedestrians. It is heavily used by cyclists and pedestrians and less so, … [more]

Support the comments about a 'Go Dutch' Route through the city with branches from St Paul's and Southwark Bridge and off to Bethnal Green/ Hackney Road turnings. This would address: Bank junction (in front of the Bank of England, … [more]

You have to take your life in your hands when moving into the right hand lane to go straight on to Cannon Street from St. Paul's. Similarly going straight on towards St. Paul's from Cannon Street is a nightmare as so many drivers decide to … [more]

Mooregate/Bank of England, shocking junction. The cycle lane needs to be kerbed off

Aldgate or rather St.Boltolphs - which could be a traffic free space if Aldgate = 2way

crazy junction, badly signposted where you have to get into the right lane and then launch yourself across hoping no cars decide to over and undertake you forcing you into the wrong lane...... As well as this specific junction, what is … [more]

Really busy and confusing junction that feels unsafe.

This is a fast-moving and poorly lit roundabout. It would be easy to integrate toucan crossings or a cycle lane at this roundabout.

A proper separate cycle path that crosses through the city from east to west. connecting the cycle highway cs3 to the west end.

As a major North / South cycle crossing this needs to be re-designed entirely as it's simply dangerous to experienced and inexperienced riders.

This place is teeming with cyclists and yet the bus lane is regularly bocked up with parked lorries and taxis.

Cycling is not carefree on Bishopsgate. Really, it is quite rubbish all along this road. There are lots of busses, taxis, lorries, and the coaches to Stansted to contend with. Everyone seems to be driving impatiently and there is very … [more]

The whole place is a nightmare for cyclists. For starters the Police could enforce the cyclists only area at the stop lines but there is much more work to do to make it safe for cyclists ans pedestrians.

Approaching Blackfriars Bridge from the north and then crossing it is the most dangerous part of my commute. Separate bike lanes! Priority at traffic lights!

For crying out loud there should be cycle paths EVERYWHERE in the city like most other European cities like Vienna, Amsterdam and so forth. But not cycle paths where car drivers selfishly park their cars. And widen the congestion charge … [more]

This area is a complete disaster! The shared pedestrian/cycle space is poorly signposted so nobody knows who has right of way where and it is a mad free for all. The cut through between QV Street and Cannon Street leads to the shared … [more]

The junction between Queen Street and Queen Victoria Street is a busy cycleway already. It is very dangerous, many cyclists jump the lights because there is no priority and waiting times are too long. Even the button to trigger the light … [more]

So much space on London Bridge and none for cyclists - a cycle lane would be nice so one could pass all the backed up traffic rather then having to squeeze between buses, lorries and diggers in the 'fast' lane

Create some space for cyclists and reduce speeds at Bank junction. Maybe try Manhattan style redevelopment and turn one road over to cycle lanes and cafes. Reduce speed and make sure cars don't run red lights when turning right - crosses … [more]

Cheapside. Too narrow, plenty of space to expand. Desperately needed West-East London link for cyclists.

Bishopsgate from about Leadenhall st north to Spitalfields is always dicey Cars driving south, eg preparing to turn left before London Bridge, often fail to look before turning. It's not helped at the moment (June 2012) because of building … [more]

Definitely time to consider at least one bridge for a wide, separated, dedicated cycle lane.

This junction is unfortunately the site of many a collision involving a bike. This is the city of London, there's really no need for large junctions here. At my company of about 3,000 people not a single person regularly drives to work. Cut … [more]

The underpass going east at Blacfriars Bridge where motorists wishing to turn left carve up cyclists wishing to use the underpass. Reducing motorised traffic to one lane before the underpass and a left filter for traffic not wishing to … [more]

A horrible junction

Any central london bridge - Southwark? - which could then be nominated as the safe-cycling bridge for the capital. Plus and tidal-traffic bridges like Albert to have wide cycle-lanes.

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